Why Choosing A Non-Alcoholic Drink Might Be The Right Choice For You, Mama

Why Choosing A Non-Alcoholic Drink Might Be The Right Choice For You, Mama

Dry January is coming to an end and the topic of drinking alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding always elicits heated conversations in the breastfeeding community. It's important to remember that no alcohol amount is safe during pregnancy. According to CDC, not drinking alcohol is the safest option for breastfeeding mothers. However, moderate alcohol consumption (up to 1 drink/day) is not known to be harmful to the infant. Whether you're team "a glass of wine is fine" or team "only booze-free for me!", there are several reasons (other than the obvious health concerns) why choosing a non-alcoholic drink might be the best choice for breastfeeding moms, for new moms, and for everyone, really. 

Alcohol-free drinks offer specific benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, as they provide a safe and suitable alternative to alcoholic beverages during these vulnerable chapters of early motherhood. While I certainly enjoyed an occasional glass of wine as a breastfeeding mom of two, I've recently become intrigued by the booming non-alcoholic drinks market AND, I'm so glad I decided to explore it! You can find the list of my favorite alcohol-free drinks right here!


Here are just a few reasons why choosing a non-alcoholic drink (aka a moctail) might be the right choice for you, mama:

  1. It's Safer for the Baby: The primary benefit is that alcohol-free drinks are completely safe for the baby. Consuming alcohol while breastfeeding can lead to alcohol passing into breast milk, potentially affecting the baby's health and development negatively. Opting for alcohol-free drinks eliminates this risk.

  2. There's No Alcohol Transfer: Alcohol-free drinks ensure that there is no transfer of alcohol into breast milk, which means the baby won't be exposed to any alcohol content.

  3. Supports Maintaining Milk Supply: Alcohol can potentially interfere with milk production, so avoiding alcoholic beverages by choosing alcohol-free drinks can help maintain a steady milk supply, ensuring that the baby receives adequate nutrition.

  4. No Negative Effects: Alcohol consumption can affect the baby's sleep patterns, behavior, and cognitive development. Alcohol-free drinks help prevent these potential negative effects, allowing the baby to thrive without any interference.

  5. Affects Mental Clarity: Alcohol-free drinks can help maintain mental clarity and cognitive function, which is essential for taking care of a newborn and making responsible parenting decisions.

  6. Impacts Hydration: Staying hydrated is crucial for breastfeeding mothers. Alcohol-free drinks like water and non-alcoholic beverages help with hydration, ensuring that the mother remains healthy and her milk supply is maintained.

  7. It's Good for Emotional Well-being: Some breastfeeding mothers may feel anxious or guilty about consuming alcohol while breastfeeding due to potential risks. Alcohol-free drinks can provide peace of mind and emotional well-being by removing this concern.

  8. Convenience and Accessibility: Alcohol-free drinks are readily available and can be enjoyed at various social gatherings and events without worrying about the impact on breastfeeding. If you need inspiration, check out our last blog post

  9. Social Situations: Alcohol-free drinks can help breastfeeding mothers feel included in social situations where alcoholic beverages are commonly served, such as family gatherings and celebrations.

  10. Alcohol Metabolism Varies: The body's ability to metabolize alcohol can vary among individuals, so choosing alcohol-free drinks eliminates the need to monitor alcohol consumption and its effects on breast milk.


This is a judgment free space, and we'd love to know -- are you a team "glass of wine is fine" OR are you team "only booze-free for me!? 


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