Our Founder's Favorite Alcohol-Free Drinks Perfect For The Holiday Season

Our Founder's Favorite Alcohol-Free Drinks Perfect For The Holiday Season

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love a glass of crisp rosé or a spicy mezcal margarita! However, I've noticed that drinking alcohol started impacting the quality of my (hard to come by as is) sleep. When my babies finally started sleeping in longer stretches (this didn't happen until they were two, ha!), I felt elated at the prospect of resuming my normal, pre-baby evening routine  staying up a little later than I should, enjoying a glass of wine and a bag of barbecue chips just to myself. Little did I know that my body had different plans! I noticed that every time I would have a cocktail or a glass of wine in the evening, I would wake up 2-3 hours after falling asleep, and I'd end up tossing and turning in bed for the rest of the night. I was exhausted! I tried adjusting my bedtime routine, but nothing seemed to make a difference. 

This experience inspired me to explore the world of non-alcoholic drinks I could enjoy after bedtime without worrying about loosing my sleep. Though it was *hard* to give up that glass of wine I for so long associated with the end of a busy, chaotic day of work and motherhood, I knew I had to test out an alcohol-free routine. In the end, I'm so glad I did!

Over the last few months, I've tried an array of various brands of zero-proof spirits, wines and beers, and today I'm sharing my top five choices. They never disappoint, and the funny thing is my guests are always surprised these drinks are truly non-alcoholic.

Na zdrowie!  — which literally means "For Good Health!" in Polish. I'm so happy to share with you festive drinks that are actually good for you and your health!


The Best Alcohol-Free Wine: Bad Ass Mom Wine

This is by far my favorite zero-proof wine brand. I often grab their non-alcoholic Sparkling White Wine for my weekday spritzers. It truly tastes like the "real thing", and not like my kids' apple juice. The brand is owned by a fellow mom and there's nothing I love more than supporting another small, women-run brand. We've actually partnered with Bad Ass Mom Wine to offer our community a special gift set Little Breastfeeding Dress + a bottle of alcohol-free Sparkling Rosé at a discounted price. 

The Best Gin +Tonic But Zero-Proof

A lot of non-alcoholic drinks tasted like flavored water to me. This is the first gin I’ve tried that legit tastes like, well, gin. I’m impressed! It's my go-to for two of my faves "Nogroni" and Aviation. Believe me when I tell you, you won't taste the difference! 

The Best Booze-Free Classic: A Vodka Martini 

It took a lot of trial and error to find the perfect zero-proof vodka for a classic martini. This one has been my top choice since I've first tried it at a friend's housewarming party

Aperol Spritz Made Non-Alcoholic 

It wouldn't be a holiday season without a festive party classic  an Aperol Spritz. This zero-proof version combines the assertive bitterness of Italian aperitivo with the complex sweetness of French vermouth and will be a hit at every holiday party. One sip, and I'm instantly reminded of warm summer nights in Europe!

The Best Booze-Free Agave Cocktail: Parch 

I was first introduced to Parch as a brand at our local grocery store. Julian and I were picking up a few grocery items and we were offered a taste of Parch while shopping. My first question was, wait, is it really alcohol free? I panicked for a moment, because it was clearly middle of the day, I drove to the store and still had to pick up my older son from soccer practice. The sales rep reassured me Parch, in fact, was booze-free. I was sold. Parch makes non-alcoholic agave spirits and cocktails and they taste just like the real thing! The spiced piñata is my absolute favorite if you enjoy that smoky, spicy kick at the end! 

Disclaimer from Parch's website: We do not recommend consumption by children. Consult your doctor or a knowledgeable healthcare professional if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, breastfeeding or immunocompromised before taking adaptogenic herbs. If you’re taking prescribed medication, integrative health experts suggest talking with your doctor or consulting a naturopath or herbalist before adding any adaptogens into your routine. Certain adaptogens may react with the effects of your other medications.


P.S. If you're a Los Angeles local, stop by Boisson  it's a true heaven for the amateurs of the alcohol-free world! 


Happy holidays, loves!




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