What We've Been Reading This Week (Other Than The Electoral Map)

In our America, love wins.

It's been quite a week in the US and around the world as we await the results of the presidential election. In our home, we talked about kindness, fear, diversity, respect and doing the most important work we can as parents  focusing on raising good humans. This work starts at home with love and compassion. As a former political scientist and polling nerd, I have to admit, I spent too much time on Wednesday and Thursday refreshing the electoral map on Google. I know many of you did too, mamas, but I truly hope you've also found ways to relax, laugh and hug your loved ones. Here are the links that made us smile this week. 


This heart-warming story, first reported in Today, is sure make anyone tear up. A foster dad adopted all five siblings because he couldn't bear a thought of separating them. “I was so nervous it would fall through at the last minute," the new dad admitted. “But I get to be there for them for the rest of their life. They never have to worry about being neglected or alone ever again. We're a family forever."


If you haven't yet seen the new Netflix series Emily in Paris starring Lilly Collinsthis could be a good weekend to watch it. If you know me then you know that I hardly ever binge watch anything since I do most of my work after kids bedtime. But I did binge watch Emily in Paris and I managed to finish the whole season in a few days. The show was light-hearted, silly, cute, over-the-top fashionable and exactly what I needed this week. Check out this piece to find out how the French really feel about Emily's fashion taste. 


Outraged by a court decision to ban nearly all abortions, tens of thousands of women took to the streets of Poland’s capital on Friday, culminating a week of big protests across the country. It's been estimated that 430,000 people attended more than 400 demonstrations around the country earlier this week. Since, the ban has been delayed. While the road to change is still long, current president of Poland announced he was opened to "some sort of compromise". 


One of my favorite things we've done as a family this year was learning to draw together. The boys loved drawing with Mo Willems during his lunch time doodle sessions on YouTube. And now Mo Willems offered what might just be the best parenting tip: “Anything that you want for your kids, the answer is you should do it. If you want your kids to be creative and draw, you should be creative and draw. If you want your kids to be more patient, you need to be more patient. I think one of the secrets that grown-ups forget is when your children are young, you as the grown-up in their life are really cool and the things you do are really cool to them.” 

Mo Willem's first live-action special, “Mo Willems and The Storytime All-Stars Present: Don’t Let The Pigeon Do Storytime!”, debuts on HBO on Thursday and we can't wait! This family special features readings and sketches comedy from famous comedians and celebrities. 


Ok, I know I said no politics-related links, but these election memes had me laugh so hard! Enjoy! Happy weekend, mamas! 



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