This Year, Choose You, Mama — A Few Words From Our Founder

This Year, Choose You, Mama — A Few Words From Our Founder

This Year, Choose YOU, Mama! 

A new year brings forth a fresh canvas — a renewed sense of excitement for what’s to come. At MLM Brand, I'm proud of the community we’ve build in 2022 (yes, thank YOU for every purchase and for being here), the behind-the-scenes work we've done to grow and scale the business, and of course, the new (and old, beloved) pieces launching  and restocking in 2023. I'm excited for 2023 — for its highs and lows — and I truly can't wait for what's next. 

As we start 2023, I’m sharing three ways to choose YOU this season, mama. 

1 Be intentional

With everything you do, but especially with your time and self-care. MLM Brand’s mission is to design elevated, high quality, and functional breastfeeding-friendly basics to make getting ready easier in those first months of motherhood. We know motherhood and breastfeeding can be challenging, and we hope our pieces will help you focus on what truly matters — YOU and your young family. This is why in 2022 we launched Second Chances, a preloved dresses platform, as a way to promote intentional shopping, circular fashion, and sustainability.  

2 Connect with your community

At MLM Brand, building a thoughtful, elevated and sustainable brand means fostering meaningful community connections. We love connecting with moms (yes, YOU!) via social media and in real life. This also means connecting with the talented people who make MLM Brand's mission possible. We take time to get to know and appreciate people who make our fabric and manufacture our dresses (both local and family-owned business right here in Los Angeles, CA). In times when life and business get hectic, this make us feel more connected with ourselves, the brand’s purpose and our community. 

3 Lean into this chapter of motherhood

When I first became a mother, I desperately tried to do it ALL. I truly believed I could and I should strive to have it all.

Today I’d like to offer another perspective on this — in my opinion — outdated statement. I don’t think it’s possible to have it ALL; not at the same time. My "all" is unique, and changes with time and the seasons of my life and motherhood. There are different chapters in our lives and for me this is the chapter to embrace motherhood and raise my young family while building my business. Is my definition of “all” the same as when I graduated from college? No. Do I feel like the best version of myself in this season? Most days, yes!

Perhaps in this season your "all" looks like pausing your career, maintaining a peaceful home and doing the important work of raising the next generation. Perhaps it looks like growing your career and family, while delegating and outsourcing other tasks. Perhaps you’re somewhere in between. In the gray area of motherhood. Whatever this version of "all" looks like for you at the moment, I hope you find the strength to lean into it. I hope you feel supported, empowered and fulfilled in this chapter. You are allowed to evolve, change, and redefine your "all", mama. I hope you choose, YOU, and what’s best for your family in 2023. 

I wish you all w wonderful new year 2023. Thank you for being a part of this beloved community of moms raising the next generation.

With love,



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