The Silver Linings Journal

The sun on my face feels amazing.

Shortly after our cross-country move to CA, I wrote a piece in which I reflected on our family's lifestyle changes, my (adjusted) business and personal goals, and my hopes for 2020. Nine months after the initial stay-at-home order in Chicago and we are now in LA, bracing ourselves for a new (third!) lockdown. I can't say this comes as a shock, but, well, the pandemic fatigue is real at this point. I'm tired and I'm ready for some good news. But I will take what I can get at this point.  

The last few days have felt a bit like a deja-vu. The latest LA city-wide "recommendation" to stay at home felt like a disappointing setback. Though it would be easy to rant, I'm choosing to focus on the positives that have come out of this unprecedented, transitional, trying time. Appreciating what I have and what I can do rather than dwelling on the negatives has helped me tremendously during the pandemic.


Here are some of the one-sentence silver-linings I've been jotting down in my daily journaling practice. Short, simple, these one-liners are a reflection of ordinary every-day moments that make me happy.


  • Sunrises and sunsets are miracles we can experience every day.
  • My boys love being outdoors and we have spent countless socially-distant afternoons hiking, playing and exploring the beautiful state of California. 
  • Being creative is therapeutic for me. I truly enjoy the act of "making" (just not dinner, ha!), drawing and painting. My boys ask to "create" with me, and now that we can somewhat control the mess, I really love it! 
  • My relationship with my husband got (unexpectedly) better during the pandemic. 
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice have helped me become a more patient, less angry mom. 
  • 2020 will be the year I will finally attempt to cook traditional Polish dishes for Christmas dinner. From scratch. 
  • Cultivating old traditions and creating new ones brings me joy, and I've had more than enough time to do that this year. 
  • Every day I get extra time to teach my kids about Polish traditions and practice speaking Polish with them.
  • Turning my face toward the sun and closing my eyes for a few seconds feels like heaven. 


Have you found silver linings in your life during these challenging times? Have you learned something new about yourself? 

P.S. I've realized I much prefer a one-sentence journaling rather than writing a long entryeven two or three times a week. I just don't have the time or energy, and instead I write short sentences every day. It works well for me, and it makes journaling feel less of a chore on hard days. 


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