National Breastfeeding Month, Back To School And My Goals For The Brand

National Breastfeeding Month, Back To School And My Goals For The Brand

Hey Mamas,

I hope you had a wonderful summer! As some of you may know, I took six weeks off from work to visit my family in Polandfor the first time since I started MLM Brand three years ago. My husband was here in LA shipping your orders, but, in general, things have slowed down on the business front. It was hard at first, but with every day that passed, I checked my email and social media less frequently. It felt liberating, in a sense, and allowed me to truly appreciate one of the main reasons for WHY I started my own businessthe flexibility to craft a life that works and feels best for my young family in this chapter. The boys are back at school now and it's the first time they're in the same building since we moved to LA. Julian's beyond happy to be able to see his older brother at recess, and I'm happy they have each other. Life feels good right now (also because snack bowls, water cups and toys have been temporarily tamed:)! 


With the kids back at school, I'm excited for uninterrupted blocks of work (and getting back into the barre studio). While I was away, our community grew and we have a lot of new faces around here, so I thought I'd introduce myself. Hi!!! Magda here! Mama and the face behind the brand (which, by the way, stands for my initialsMagda Lasota Morales (MLM)). I live in Los Angeles with my husband and our two boys, Adrian (8) and Julian (5). We love the West Coast, but due to the nature of my husband's work we might be moving again next year. I'm thankful my business can easily be moved with us (one thing less to stress over), though I will miss my LA mamas (and the amazing weather, of course!). Wherever we end up, I will continue to design breastfeeding-friendly clothes with a goal to improve postpartum fashion for all moms. 



Aside from being a mama and a founder, I'm also a passionate advocate of working moms, improved family policies, better maternal healthcare and reproductive rights. There's still so much stigma about SAHM and those who, like me, stepped away from corporate careers to focus on our young families. For many of us, the question/answer, "What do you do all day?" often comes with a feeling of shame. My wish is that one day women who choose motherhood feel valued, supported and seen. Raising children is the most noble, yet vastly under-appreciated task. Parents in the US deserve better. This is the kind of content you can expect to see on this pagea mix of nursing and pumping tips/practices, breastfeeding facts and science behind lactation, postpartum, and how to maintain your sense of style in a season of SO many changes! Sustainability, high-quality fabrics and ethical manufacturing are values close to my (brand's) heart, and I love talking about it! 



August is National Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding Month. Whether you breastfed for one day, one year or 3 years, I hope you'll celebrate your and your baby's accomplishment. Breastfeeding takes time, patience and the support of your community. It can absolutely feel challenging, both emotionally and physically. As a brand, we strive to elevate and amplify the voices of all moms by sharing their unique experiences and working with creators and freelancers from diverse backgrounds. It's important we educate ourselves about the benefits of breastfeeding and chest feeding, but also about the unique challenges faced by moms and babies in our communities. This article highlights the importance of Black Breastfeeding Week and why we need. Here are a few incredible women of color and organizations educating and providing lactation support:

P.S. To celebrate, we're having an end of summer sale. You can enjoy up to 50% off our limited stock, no code necessary. 


Finally, a few words about my hopes and goals for the brand... Last summer I'd promised I'd do my best to avoid prolonged out-of-stock periods which were both frustrating (to me and to you, mamas) and hurtful to the business in general. Yet, here we are again. As a small, emerging, (and bootstrapped!) brand we only manufacture as much as we (think) we can sell. Due to high demand, unforeseen supply chain issues and moving manufacturing from Chicago to Los Angeles, there's been a delay in production resulting in another long streak of out-of-stock period, with most styles and sizes sold out (some from as long as January!)I'd lie if I said I'd had remained calm and understanding throughout the process, but, in the end, I'm extremely grateful for your support and patience! Great things are worth the wait! I appreciate each and every one of you, mamas! 






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