Mothers In The Time Of Pandemic

Mothers In The Time Of Pandemic

Another busy week behind us! Read on for a re-cap of the biggest news in modern motherhood, career and family balance, sustainable fashion, and other eye-catching headlines from around the web we think youll love.


Gigi Hadid and her gorgeous pregnancy pictures almost broke the Internet earlier this week. The supermodel has been keeping her pregnancy mostly private until now. Im loving the black and white pictures — gorgeous, classically timeless and aspirational. How about you?


Just a few days ago New York Times, as well as other news outlets, reported:

The California state assemblywoman brought her month-old baby to the chamber — and instantly became an image of moms who do it all. It was an image that seemed destined to go viral: a masked mother holding a crying infant, while delivering an impassioned speech on the legislative floor.

It was as if, for a single moment in the California State Capitol, the near-impossibility of the demands of new motherhood and work and pandemic living had converged in a swaddle in Buffy Wickss arms.”

I don’t know about you, but moments like these make me both sad and hopeful. As a woman, a mother and a new citizen, it makes my heart sink to know that our country forces a mother with her newborn baby out in a current pandemic climate just so she can cast a vote. Womens careers might be disproportionately affected by the pandemic, but stories of incredible women role models like Wicks show that we are working harder than ever and will continue the fight to make workplaces better for all parents.


The International Monetary Fund warns that the pandemic recession is hurting women more than men, potentially undoing years of progress if lawmakers dont step up efforts to improve conditions for women. Not to paint an even bleaker picture, but the recent survey results indicate that dads have been three times more likely as moms to receive a promotion while working from home during covid. How has the pandemic and working from home impacted your family and your career?


Can you guess what is the BEST sustainability practice? Its not buying from brands who practice sustainable fashion, but its actually buying LESS. This article talks about common myths about ethical and sustainable fashion. All in all, I think this is still a vote for sustainable brands and fabrics. I can only speak for the brands I chose to buy from as well as my own label, but when you invest in a piece made out of a high quality fabric you also invest in its longevity. This means that the item can be washed and worn multiple times, and still be in a great condition. We all bought a $5 dollar t-shirt that literally fell apart after the first washing, right?


Im loving the Fall/Winter 2020/21 fashion trends this season, especially the rustic oranges and military greens. What colors and/or trends will you or will you not adopt this season?

IMAGE CREDIT: Delphine Lee in "Real Horror Stories From the World of Pandemic Motherhood", NY Times, Aug. 6, 2020.


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