Mama Next Door: Melissa Mor @ShopMrsPush

Mama Next Door: Melissa Mor @ShopMrsPush

This week's #MamaNextDoor is Melissa Mor, a mama of three and founder of Mrs. Push — your ultimate push present destination. If you aren't sure what a "push present" is, read on. You'll love it! Melissa and I connected a couple of weeks ago after a business call we both attended. I immediately loved her energy, passion AND her business. Push presents are definitely a *thing* in Poland (where I'm from) and I love to see that the concept is gaining more traction on this side of the Atlantic, too. I've never received a push present from my husband, but my sister who loves in Poland received a beautiful jewelry keepsake after giving birth to both of her kids. But, hey, it's not too late to celebrate myself + the incredible job that is childbirth, ha! I hope you'll love getting to know Melissa just as much as I did. 



Tell me a bit about yourself before you became a mother, and how did you change after becoming a mother?

I worked in fashion as a buyer, and absolutely loved my job. Once I had kids I shifted my career more into e-commerce and social media which allowed me to work from home more. Learning all of these skills eventually led me to start my own business, Mrs. Push. In terms of my personality I definitely became a lot less selfish, having other humans depending on me. Also patience. That's never been my strong point but I am learning patience everyday with my 3 kids. 



What does your absolute dream version of motherhood look like?

My dream version of motherhood would be to have help whenever needed so I can work. And once I'm done with work to have accomplished everything during the day that I can truly be present with my kids. Leave the phone on airplane mode & enjoy the afternoons/evenings with them. No mom guilt would be great too. Wondering if I gave each kids enough attention during the day etc.


What societal or cultural messages about motherhood frustrate you and how would you like to see them changed?

Moms are just trying to do their best. We have to stop judging each other & lift each other up instead. 


What do you do well? What’s really works for you? Do you have a secret? Your mom super power?

I think I do a good job at explaining and having my kids understand why we do what we do & our family belief systems. We eat very clean in our family and my kids will go to a party and see other kids eating things with food coloring etc. and they tell me  if we don't eat this can you find us a cleaner version later? I love that they understand there is always a better option & how important the ingredients are that we fuel our bodies with. I'm great with finding the next best option. Their diet is by no means perfect but if we can just find the best option that matters most!


How do you take care of yourself? How do you deal with mom guilt?

I'm into wellness, so I am constantly trying all different things. I love a few minutes with my red light machine & a podcast. You could say I'm obsessed with podcasts- I love to learn from them; business & manifestation ones are my faves. I like to walk and just get out and move my body. Mom guilt is real. I always feel it at the start of something - going on a trip etc. This summer I took my 2 oldest to a wedding out of the country. I felt so bad leaving my 1.5 year old, especially since I am still nursing but once I actually left the house I was able to let go and enjoy the time with my oldest ones. 


What’s a topic related to motherhood, or life after becoming a mother, that you wish we talked about more?

Push presents! (shameless plug) No, but really. Every mom deserves a push present no matter how her baby came into this world. It's a special piece that you will look back on forever and remember that special time. We always buy the world for the baby when they're born but we can't forget about the new mom! A little token of appreciation.


Also — that everyone prepares for pregnancy & birth but not actually becoming a mom. With my 1st I think I was the most in shock with how my life changed. The other 2 were easy but the 1st was crazy. We came home from the hospital and at bedtime I put him down in his bassinet and thought he'd just go to sleep. That was THE longest night of my life. Wait you mean they don't automatically go to sleep because we do? LOL. I was totally clueless! 



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