Mama Next Door: Daniela Procopio @SOLMA

Mama Next Door: Daniela Procopio @SOLMA
Just when I think social media has changed and it's even harder to make genuine connections, I'm yet again reminded that social media can be a magical place! This week's #MamaNextDoor is Daniela Procopio, a mom of three and a  founder of SOLMA  a ready-to-drink lactation tea supplement that delivers a blend of active nutrients such as fenugreek, nettle leaf, & milk thistle, all linked to support lactation. Daniela and I connected via Instagram (ha!) and I'm so excited to introduce her + her amazing product to our community! 

Founder, Daniela, remembers the first time she embarked on her breastfeeding journey. She was looking for a product that was hydrating, helped in milk production and most of all, was convenient to consume — no matter what her busy life looked like. And that is how SOLMA was conceived. A ready to drink lactation tea supplement that is hydrating to support the mom on-the-go.

Today on the blog, she opens up about her journey as a mother, her breastfeeding experience and things that frustrate her about parenting in our society. I hope you'll love reading Daniela's story + getting to know her just as much as I did. If you haven't tried their delicious lactation tea, you can order it directly on SOLMA's website or you can wait for an exclusive promotion we're currently working on! Stay tuned, mamas. 


Daniela, please tell us a bit about yourself before you became a mother, and how did you change after becoming a mother?

To be honest, I haven’t had a major metamorphosis since becoming a mother. If anything, motherhood has grounded me even more to be more aware of who I am, where I came from and what I want to do with my life. I’ve always been someone who seeks adventure, loves to travel, try new things, be on the go, etc. Now that I’m a mother, I do all those things but with kids in tow. The one area that I’ve seen the most change in is how I approach relationships. I am more intentional with who I choose to spend time with given that my time is more limited.


How was your nursing / pumping experience? Anything you’d want to share with a new mom preparing to breastfeed her child?

Breastfeeding is beautiful, natural AND it can be painful, overwhelming and not come easy. I wasn’t prepared for how breastfeeding would ROCK me in the 4th trimester. Now I tell anyone that will listen that breastfeeding can be a really special time to bond with your baby AND it can also be filled with a number of challenges while you get the hang of it. If you have latch issues, undersupply issues or anything else, seek support. Support can come in many different forms  – professional support through a lactation consultant or through a community that is willing to listen and understands what you’re going through.


What does your absolute dream version of motherhood look like?

My absolute dream version of motherhood is one where I have full time affordable childcare lined up for certain core hours of the day. That way I am able to focus on my career and goals and then seamlessly transition to focusing on my kids in the other hours.  Motherhood is a delicate balance between being there for your kids, while also not losing sight of yourself. I’m a firm believer that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Having childcare so that I can continue chasing dreams and doing things that make me feel like me is important. 


What societal or cultural messages about motherhood frustrate you and how would you like to see them changed?

The whole “have it all” discussion. Can women really have it all? “Having it all” looks different from person to person. Also I get so frustrated that there is even a discussion on whether mothers who decide to stay home are really working or not.  Staying home with your kids full time is a beautiful privilege and it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. I would like to instead see the conversation shift to having mothers find their happiness. Perhaps their happiness lies in having a job outside of the home in addition to being a mother. Perhaps their happiness lies in being the “Pinterest” parent. A happy mother can benefit her children and her family life greatly. I would love to focus more on encouraging mothers to find their happiness whatever that looks like. 


How do you take care of yourself? How do you deal with mom guilt?

I’m a firm believer that you can’t pour from an empty cup so I make sure to schedule time during the week for activities that ground me and help me put my best foot forward. I recently started training for a half marathon so I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors training. This has proven to be so helpful in helping clear my head and remain focused. I also make sure to sprinkle in other activities throughout the week that give me a nice dose of joy. Perhaps coffee with a friend, a mani and pedi, etc. In order to combat mom guilt, I remind myself that my children deserve the best version of me – that best version is one that is patient, focused and intentional with the time we have together. Self-care is critical to anyone to ensure that your needs are met so that you are able to show up as the best version of yourself. 


What’s a topic related to motherhood, or life after becoming a mother, that you wish we talked about more?

The fact that becoming a mother will force you to work on healing your past traumas or any childhood issues in an effort to break generational traumas. Becoming a mother often forces you to heal your inner child. I only recently started realizing this.


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