Links We Love: It's a Woman's World

Links We Love: It's a Woman's World

Welcome to Links We Love, the round up of eye-catching and worthwhile reads on modern motherhood, career and family balance, sustainable fashion, and a bit of all-important news from around the web.

This week my favorite links include a piece on mothers’ choice (which often feels like no choice at all) about work and family, the mom brain (what’s your superpower?), and Europe’s latest sustainable fashion contest.

  1. As a stay-at-home-mom and a Polish transplant raising babies in Chicago, the family policy argument framed around “choice” (which often doesn’t feel like much of a choice at all) is very close to my heart. The U.S. offers no paid family leave for all workers, nor public preschool options, child care is prohibitively expensive, and … I could go on and on. The point is that many parents — particularly women — feel their decisions about work and family are made within such constraints that they have little choice at all. Did you feel like you had a choice when deciding about work and family?

  2. It’s a WOMEN’s world! Best news this week, if you ask me. “Women are now the majority of the workforce, and there’s no looking back.”

  3. My (mom) brain, my superpower!

  4. Over 10,000 women and women’s supporters showed up for the 2020 Chicago Women’s March. Amazing!

  5. It’s no secret that Europe leads the way in sustainability efforts, in particular when it comes to fashion. This year’s competition is looking for early-stage projects that will change the ways people produce, buy, use and recycle fashion, and encourage a more sustainable change in consumer behavior. The prize? Over $165,000 up for grabs!

What links grabbed your attention this week?


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