Empowering Postpartum Through Fashion, Function and Social Impact

Empowering Postpartum Through Fashion, Function and Social Impact

I started MLM Brand with a mission to make getting dressed easier for breastfeeding moms (if you've been here for a while you probably know that already, ha). Postpartum felt like a blur to me, and the last thing I had the energy to do, was to figure out what to wear as a new mom. My maternity clothes didn't fit me anymore, while my "old" clothes didn't fit me yet. For as long as I can remember, getting dressed in the morning has aways put me in a positive mood and an (almost guaranteed:)) great start to a successful day. I didn't want that to change after my boys were born...

As a minimalist, I dreamed of clothing that was simple and versatile, yet, chic and made from high quality materials. I craved pieces that were beautiful to look at and soft to touch, and easy to mix and match with the clothes already in my closet. I wanted to wear clothes that made me feel put together, especially on days when I've felt like all I did was kept my babies alive and survive. Since 2019 I have sold thousands of breastfeeding-friendly dresses and tops that are exactly that  elevated, versatile and feeding-friendly. 


This post has been a long time coming, but today I'm finally sharing a few of my favorite pieces and brands that I've loved wearing with our dresses. Over the years I've become picky about the clothes I add to my closet. I usually go for pieces that are either sophisticated, timeless (something worth the investment that I see myself warring for years if I’m spending more on it) or have that excitement factor that I’m truly obsessed with (and can't live without). With brands rolling our their Spring collections, I thought it'd be fun to share my all time favorites along with a few pieces currently sitting in my cart (that I might splurge on this new season). 



Investing in a reliable leather jacket never goes out of style! I'm currently a big fan of this beauty and I don't think I can ever go back to a faux version. In all honesty, I've owned a handful of faux / vegan leather jackets over the years and they simply don't hold up very well. This is my third season wearing this gem and I'm never disappointed  it's soft, comfortable and surprisingly light. Whenever I can't decide what to wear, I usually reach for a pair of jeans and a this top or our LBD, and I throw my nearly a decade old trench on (found a similar one here), and I always feel instantly put together. One of my favorite tricks to style a simple dress is to wear an oversized t-shirt or a sweater on top of the dress. This striped sweater is currently on sale (I have an earlier version and it's on a heavy rotation this new season). I don't have a favorite sneaker at the moment (Adidas Sambas were a bit of a disappointment in terms of the comfort, but oh, so chic!), but I've received these past week and so far, so good! I don't own a leather blazer, soooo.... this might be something I splurge on.



Although my main office is at home now, I still keep a few formal pieces in my closet for events that require a business attire. I've been obsessed with this striped blazer from Alex Perry. This cropped suit jacket is a perfect combination of formal, yet playful and a bit edgy. I love these super feminine square toe ballet flats and these low heels with the metal toe cap for am instant style boost! It's no secret that a good trench coat will elevate pretty much any outfit and you will not regret adding a black version to your wardrobe. As soon I my kids graduated from diaper bags, I've loved carrying oversized totes like this one and this one, and would always add small pouches / ziplock bags with kids' names to store their toys, snacks and wipes. 

Building a capsule wardrobe can be tricky if you don't know how to start, what to buy, or where to shop. It took me a few years to rediscover my "mom" style that still felt like the old Magda, but better. I had a lot of fun putting together this blog and plan to curate quarterly round ups with seasonal closet swaps, upgrades and splurge-worthy purchases. I'd love to hear from you  please let me know if there's anything in particular that you'd find valuable as a new, breastfeeding mom on a journey to rediscover her style. 





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