Chic (and Easy!) Halloween Costumes That Are Breastfeeding-Friendly

It's no secret that I love Halloween! Growing up in Poland, we didn't celebrate Halloween. On November 1st, families in Poland celebrate All Saint's Day - a holiday similar to the Spanish Day of the Dead, but less colorful, more solemn and nostalgic, and spent commemorating those who passed. Although I haven't spent All Saint's Day in Poland in years, I still remember the smell of air filled with the fragrance of burning candle lanterns. These special candles (pl: znicze) are placed at the cemetery to guide the departed through the darkness. Now, as a thirty-something Polish transplant in LA and a mom of two boys, I'm always so excited to put together our costumes and spook-ify our home for Halloween!


That said... Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and if you haven't thought about your costume, now is the time, mama! I love simple, creative costumes that I typically put together using accessories I already have at home. If I end up buying new costumes or accessories, I reuse them throughout the years.


This year, I put together four Halloween costumes featuring two of our dresses: the Little Breastfeeding Dress and the Tiered Breastfeeding Dress. MLM Brand 's dresses are chic and versatile, and make the perfect base for Halloween costumes (which is another reason why moms love them!). If you are no longer or not yet breastfeeding, you can replicate these costumes using any black dress. I'm sure you have more than one black LBD hanging in your closet right now! 



My favorite 2023 Halloween costume! 


I think this is my favorite 2022 Halloween costume yet! To recreate it, you'll need a black dress, a feathered cap shall (I borrowed mine from an actor friend who has a collection of vintage costumes) and, of course, the horns. Don't forget red lipstick, black eyeliner and black boots to finish off your costume. Depending on where you live, you might also need a black cloak to keep you warm and provide additional coverage if you plan to breastfeed while trick or treating. 

Maleficent Halloween Costume

Cruella Deville

This was actually our family's Halloween costumes in 2021 and we had so much fun wearing it! The boys made the cutest Dalmatians. Their one-piece Dalmatian costumes came from Party City. To transform into a Cruella, you'll need a black dress, a string of pearls (I've had mine since my sister's 1930s bachelorette party years ago!), a pair of long red gloves, a faux animal coat, a cigarette holder and black boots. There are multiple ways to achieve the black and white hair-do, but I decided to purchase a wig

White hair effect: For a quick solution, you can brush talcum powder or white face powder into your hair to coat it, then spray with hairspray to set the powder into your hair. You also can use grey hairspray color or hair chalk to temporarily color your hair and give it a more realistic look.

Cruella Deville Women Halloween Costume


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's is a Halloween classic, but ours is breastfeeding-friendly! To achieve the look, I decided to order a set of Audrey Hepburn accessories and they didn't disappoint! I added a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses and, of course, wore our Little Breastfeeding Dress! Easy, chic and breastfeeding-friendly. 


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I love how this one turned out! It was fairly simple, too. For my RBG costume, I used our Tiered Breastfeeding Dress. I owned a "judge" costume already, though my boys hid the gavel during playtime and it took me a while to find it safely tucked in in their dresser. My lace collar came from a local thrift store in Westwood. I couldn't find green earrings on time, but you could easily order a pair from Amazon, if you'd like. You can also order the entire RBG costume and accessories. Do you think RBG would approve of this breastfeeding-friendly version of her costume? Ha!


Still undecided and not seeing a costume you like? How about dressing up as a vampire? We actually dressed up as a family of the cutest vampires a few years ago and it's still one of my favorite family costumes we've done up to date. 



Head to our Instagram to see my take on Audrey Hepburn and RBG breastfeeding-friendly costumes! Please let me know (and don't forget to tag @mlmbrand_ ) if you end up dressing up as Maleficent, RBG, Cruella or Audrey Hepburn! Bonus point, if you made your costume breastfeeding-friendly! Happy Halloween, mamas! I hope your kids don't change their mind about their costumes the night before:)

This post has been originally posted on Halloween 2022, updated with new costumes on Halloween 2023. 


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